Do I Have a Case?

There are four major issues that help determine if you have a case:

  1. Liability. What happened? How did it happen? Where did it happen? In other words, who has liability and who is responsible?
  2. Injury. What is your injury, how serious is it, and what are the consequences?
  3. Value. What is the value of the case?
  4. Compensation. How will the injuries be compensated?
How quickly do I have to make a claim?
ADon’t rush it. Get proper medical care and follow your doctor’s directions. Usually you have 2 years to file your claim. There are some exceptions. For example, if a public entity is involved, Caltrans for example, you have to file a claim within six months. However, you should seek competent legal help right away to ensure that critical evidence is not lost or destroyed, such as a vehicle. In car crashes for example, there may be multiple causes that contribute to serious injuries, things like driver error, the safety of the vehicles, and the conditions of the roadway. Thorough investigation should be done, over and above police reports.
Should I talk to the insurance company?
ANo. If they contact you, do not talk with them, and ask them to put all communication in writing. The interpretation of a personal injury case by an insurance company may be different than our interpretation.
What is my case worth?

There are several ways to determine the amount of money likely to be recovered in a claim.

  1. The amount juries have awarded in cases similar to yours.
  2. The severity of injuries or damages, both special damages and general damages, including pain and suffering – taking into consideration the current time and the future.
  3. A concept called “the range of reasonableness,” which is where a good attorney is necessary. We will determine the reasonableness of the case based on a number of factors and, in doing so, maximize the value for you.
How do you decide if you’ll take my case?
AFirst and foremost, we determine whether we can actually be of help you. Some claims do not require the need for a lawyer. We will make sure we can help you, help improve your legal case, and maximize the value for you.
How much does it cost to hire you?
AWe are concerned about the well-being of our clients, not only the technical legal components of your injuries. We never request a single nickel from any one coming in to the office to pursue their lawsuit. We advance the cost, things that we can do ethically and legally for that lawsuit. If we get some recovery, we go ahead and take those costs back. Assuming that we’re successful in representing someone, the cost that we put into their case is going to come out of what we get for them.


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