Dugan Barr and his wife receiving State of the City award

Photo: Redding Record-Searchlight

September 23, 2014 – At the Redding State of the City luncheon this week, attorney Dugan Barr and his wife Terry were honored for their philanthropic contributions to a wide variety of local causes, efforts, and organizations.

Below are the comments from former Redding mayor Missy McArthur who presented the award:

For the past 12 years this award has been given to a wide variety of people who have made Redding a better place.

Some of them were not-so-well known. Others, like the couple we honor today, are a bit more familiar. But they all share the rare and admirable quality of giving of themselves and their finances to a broad range of worthy causes and organizations that make this community infinitely better.

Dugan and Terry Barr are outstanding examples. They have made a lasting mark on our community through their selfless donations of time and money. In more than 40 years as Redding residents, the Barrs have been instrumental in helping numerous charities and cultural offerings throughout the area. Often those contributions have come under the banner of anonymity but they span a wide spectrum of our community. Let me give you just a few of many, many groups that have benefited from their generosity.

The American Cancer Society, Boy Scouts of America, Shasta Community Health Center, The Women’s Refuge, Shasta Historical Society, Asphalt Cowboys, Sober Graduation, Shasta Land Trust, People of Progress and the Shasta Family Justice Center.

Many of their contributions have furthered the cause of culture and the arts in our city, benefiting such groups as the Cascade Theatre, North State Symphony, Shasta Jazz Festival, Turtle Bay Exploration Park, KIXE-Channel 9 and Public Radio in our region.

Of course, philanthropy means giving in other ways and the Barrs have freely given of their time and energy. Terry is well-known for her extraordinary decoration skills for the North State Cancer League’s galas. And for her lavish gift basket creations donated to charitable causes. As an empty-nester, Terry didn’t go looking for a part-time job. She signed up to be a volunteer for the State Department of Fish and Wildlife, testing and training for the “glamorous” and unpaid opportunity to pick up dead animals, deliver fish or pull a tooth from a poached bear.

Dugan, as you may know, has been a practicing attorney in Redding since 1967. When he’s not in court, he too is helping others in many ways many of us never hear about. As the owner of the Atrium Building on the Market Street Promenade, Dugan has offered the facility free of charge to numerous schools for events such as proms or a haunted house on Halloween. He provides pro-bono legal advice to those who need help. He even plays guitar and sings at a local pub on St. Patrick’s Day for free – although those of you who have heard him may disagree on whether that is actually an act of charity.

As one close friend explained, “Dugan and Terry Barr are truly everyday folks. They are just good people.”

For their generosity, spirit and dedication to the City of Redding, please join me in honoring Dugan and Terry Barr with the Past Mayors’ Philanthropic Achievement Award.

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