A Sacramento jury has awarded a Butte County woman over $16 million in her case
against the City of Sacramento.

The young woman, a highly praised medical student at UC Davis, was hit by a vehicle
in a Sacramento crosswalk. She received extensive injuries that may prevent her from
pursuing her career in medicine.

“We were able to demonstrate to the jury that the crosswalk the woman entered was a
potential death trap as the result of it’s configuration, poor visibility and substandard
markings,” said Dugan Barr.

The City alleged that everything was up to code. “The problem was that at the time
of the accident there were serious problems with this unique intersection and City
employees had issued recommendations for upgrades that were not implemented until
after this awful accident,” added Mr. Barr.

The jury verdict of $16 million is among the largest single-injury awards by a jury in the
United States.

For more details you can go to SacBee.com or Redding.com

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